We put nature of the heart of everything we do at Château Mitaud and our aim is to become totally self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables over time. Until we reach that milestone, we will always try to source as much quality, organic and locally-grown produce as possible.

We plan to turn the pristine piece of land behind the tennis court (untouched by the hand of man and until fairly recently an overgrown jungle inhabited by deer and wild boar) into a huge market garden brimming with vegetables flowers and fruit trees. We will use Demeter certified organic seeds and plants from the US and the EU to create the market garden.

Eating naturally-produced vegetables is like going back in time after constant exposure to mass-produced vegetables using the whole range of pesticides, as Angela remembers from growing up in the Chinese countryside. We witnessed a taste of this return to the traditional way of living when completely without any human intervention (other than some careless al fresco dining), we arrived back from China to find a tomato plant growing right next to (but not in, to be clear) the cesspit (we are not connected to any sewerage system at Château Mitaud in common with all our neighbours and piped gas only goes out as far as La Brèd). It produced beautiful, sweet, succulent fruit without any human assistance. Like a time machine for Angela. And, no, we didn’t tell our guests who shared the tomatoes with us where they had come from…

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