In the spirit of our commitment to choice (or quirkiness, depending on how you see it), we have made a conscious decision to have a distinct theme or feel for all of our suites: a lot of the themes come from our own experiences in China and Asia, such as the 1920s Shanghai, cultural revolution, Japanese culture and the country that straddles Asia and Europe, Turkey.

If you have any specific preferences, for example if you happen to hate the whole Red Guard thing, let us know and we will not put you in that suite. If your preferred theme suite is not available, you will have to stay somewhere else within Château Mitaud until it becomes available. We operate bookings on a first come, first served basis and cannot, for obvious reasons, guarantee that your particular favourite themed suite is available at any time. If you have any thoughts or ideas on new themes for us to try out, let us know, we are open to innovation and new ideas!