It is a long-standing tradition for British people in France to buy French houses in a run-down state and renovate them for years; the reality is less like the somewhat idealized version of rural France you can see in 'A Year in Provence' by Peter Mayle and more like the film 'The Money Pit' starring Tom Hanks.

'You can take the Brit out of Britain but you can't take the Britain out of the Brit' (or something like that). Turning a dilapidated manor house into a B&B (Bed & Breakfast) is a time-honoured tradition and business model that Brits abroad like Andrew have sought to replicate (with some success and notable failures) all over the world.

The formula is simple and trouble free: you get a bed for the night and a generous breakfast every morning, but the rest is up to you to sort (unless we have an evening meal available which will be posted on the website), giving you freedom to take the whole day out without having to rush back for lunch or dinner. If you have any special dietary requirements such as you are vegetarian or lactose intolerant do let us know in the booking form, so we can cater to those needs.