During his time as a lawyer, Andrew has attended his fair share of conferences. Some good, some average and some dull as dishwater.

He knows that the most important ingredients for a successful event are a good focused group, food on tap, free-flowing and frank communications (straight talk) and relaxation or down time to counterbalance the intensity. You will find all the supporting features you need for a successful conference in abundance at Château Mitaud. In this quiet rural location your delegates will feel free to bond and business issues can be discussed and resolved in a comfortable, professional setting away from the office. We are within 45 minutes' drive of both Mérignac airport and St Jean Station in Bordeaux.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for something different. How about a meeting in a yurt? Or if some of your guests require vegan food we can arrange that too. Angela brings a welcome health and exercise element on request. And don’t forget the indoor pool for that all year-round early morning swim to wake up your delegates and focus their minds.

Winery visits

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