When it comes to enjoying your stay at Château Mitaud your safety, comfort and convenience are our priority. Accommodation is spread over three locations and all rooms (is a yurt a room? answers on a postcard to Andrew) have en suite bathrooms:

• Facing the road in front of the main château building is the small self-contained house with self-catering facilities decorated in a Japanese style with a full tatami room upstairs.

• The chambres d'hôtes located within the main château building each have a theme and there is a bed and breakfast option.

Most of the themes come from our experiences in China and in Asia, including 1920s Shanghai, the Cultural Revolution, Turkey, and Japan. If you happen to hate the whole Red Guard thing (and it is not for everyone), let us know and we will put you in a different suite. Please let us have your thoughts on any ideas for new themes.

• The gîtes (self-catering) in the dépendences behind the main château are also themed and have self-catering facilities, although you are welcome to take up the B&B option and join us for breakfast.

Outdoor fun

If you really want to experience the outdoor life we can arrange a night in the Mongolian Yurt (no, not as a punishment). You’ll be glad to know it does have a wood-burning stove to keep you cosy and warm at night. It just doesn't have a separate toilet: yet, so you will have to use the room with the blue doors in the dépendences. We even have a tent for those nostalgic for their Boy Scout (Eagle Scouts) and Girl Guide days.

Food (self catering)

Food can be purchased from the local supermarket 15 minutes away by car in La Brède. There is also a food market in La Brède every Wednesday with seafood, cheese and cooked meats. We can provide free rice (within limits) if you prefer Asian food, or you can drive to the Eurasie Asian supermarket within Bordeaux Lac, a commercial complex about 40 minutes’ drive away. There you will find Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai food choices (among others). Why not try Durian, the smelliest and most divisive fruit on the planet (Angela loves, Andrew hates)!