Buddhist Chill Room 

Next door to the gym, but the complete antithesis of a heavy work out, is the Buddhist (or anything else "ist", we accept all and do not promote any particular religion at Château Mitaud) 'chill out' room for people to relax, contemplate ('se recueillir' in French) and/or if they feel so inclined, worship on the ground floor. Upstairs is the spa.


Next door to the gym, in the house to the left as you go in the main entrance to the château, upstairs from the Buddhist Chill Room is the spa that offers beauty treatments, massage and aromatherapy. Ask us for further details. Spa appointments need to be booked in advance and availability will depend on prior booking, and the presence of a suitably qualified therapist on the day.

Relax, restore and rejuvenate in our Buddhist Chill Room and spa.

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