Ask us about the network of local vignerons you can visit and taste the diverse range of wines produced in the Graves and surrounding areas, including Barsac and Sauternes. Many people focus entirely on the big names and appellations. There are some great smaller, lesser-known producers too, and they tend to sell wine at the cellar door.

If you are happy to go further afield, we can organize tours of the Left Bank classed growths like Lafite, Margaux, Léoville Barton, Palmer, Lynch Bages, or the Right Bank stars like Vieux Château Certan or L'Eglise Clinet and many more. Please ask us for further details. Advance booking is generally required except for some of the less famous, smaller, local domaines.


Our neighbours Dominique and Brigitte have an incredible truffle farm right next door, which grows Tuber Melanosporum or Dordogne black truffles, which are dug up by their highly-trained poodle 'Truffette' (and whose work will be carried on by her litter of puppies no doubt). Truffle harvesting season is December to February, so if you happen to be at Château Mitaud during those colder winter months, you can see it happen "live" and maybe get to taste some fresh truffle. It has a pungency that will never leave you and bears no relation to the 'smell-alike' products you see in the shops.


Visit and climb the largest sand dune in Europe for some incredible views and photos – it is only about an hour away by car from Château Mitaud. Ask us for further details.


See Château Mitaud as you have never seen it before, from the sky, and overfly the Dune de Pyla in a ULM flown by a properly-licensed and experienced pilot from a local club founded by our neighbour Dominique. If you are lucky, you may even get to take the controls for a minute!


For those of you who live for the next big wave (not for the faint hearted or uninitiated), Arcachon and the beaches around it have some of the best surfing in Europe. Or if you prefer to go for a more relaxed beach experience and to hang out with the rich and famous in France, take a trip to Cap Ferret, which houses some of the most exclusive and expensive beach front real estate in France. You can often spot celebrities here in the summer. About 90 minutes drive from us but the traffic can get very snarled up in the summer months.

Winery visits

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